Shamanic Woman

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Tribal Tantric Woman Retreat Level 1 | May 15th - 19th 2019 Osho Leela UK

Cost is £380/ £350 if paid before April 1st

Shamanic Woman Event - Tribal Tantric Retreat

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Tantric Tribal Woman Retreat II | July 4th - 7th 2019 Osho Leela UK

Tantric Tribal Woman Retreat

Sun and Moon

Would you like to balance conscious action and stillness in your daily life? Do you know how to manifest what your heart is longing for with intuition and practical actions?

The moon and the sun are symbols of the inner alchemy. The moon symbolises the feminine inside you, and the sun symbolises the masculine inside you. When moon and sun meet within you, there is a great experience of unity, of oneness; Union-Mystica. That is the goal of all the mystics. This is the real meeting of man and woman.

We will use a variety of meditations, rituals, creativity, inner process work, time in nature, to deepen our experience and understanding of this alchemical meeting within us.

Cost is £270

March 23rd-25th 2018 | SHAMANIC WOMAN – Earth & Water

This is a fully residential weekend at Loudwater Farm, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire (North London)

Dance a tribal meditation and sing your heart open. Awaken your sensuality and enjoy your body again through movement and touch. Reconnect with ancestral female love through Ancestrology, unburdening your self of old emotional patterns and conditioning. Express your emotions freely and let go. Feel the support of a new tribe. With the FIRE we awaken our passionate, creative selves and celebrate who we are and what we are here to do.
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May 18th-20th 2018 at Osho Leela | SHAMANIC WOMAN – Fire and Air

This is a fully residential weekend at Loudwater Farm, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire (North London)

The Sweat Lodge or Temazcal (house of heat) is an ancient ritual for cleansing the body, mind and spirit. We begin this Elemental Journey with tribal dance, drum and song in the tipi, reconnecting to nature. We enter the lodge on Saturday evening with earth, air, fire and water our companions and four rounds of prayer, song and silence.
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25th-29th July 2018 at Osho Leela | SHAMANIC WOMAN - Tribal Tantric Retreat | £350/£320 (Returning Woman)

with Tarisha and Ranjana

In the presence of nature, all is one. We are called to live totally, expressing our sensitivity, sensuality and sexuality. In this 4 day retreat, we will reconnect with our womb power, our open heart, experiencing who we really are in our true nature. Woman Alive!
This is a fully residential weekend at Osho Leela | website:
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Elemental Healing

Elemental Healing is Singing Medicine with a focus on the elements. It is sound and song filled with the qualities of Earth, Air, Fire and Water re-igniting our connection to them and so to life. People sing and also lie down, receiving the songs. It is simple and pure; a way to rebalance our system and re-attune to the basic elements of life. I offer circles of Elemental Healing at many Osho Leela events

ELEMENTAL HEALING describes the healing that occurs when we open to nature. The simplicity of tuning into the earth, air, fire and water, singing songs imbued with their qualities, re-ignites our connection to them and so to life. During Elemental Healing circles, people sing and also lie down, receiving the songs. It is a simple way to rebalance our system. I offer circles of Elemental Healing, 2 day events and one to one sessions. The one to one sessions are at my home in Dorset or via Skype. I can provide accommodation for clients if required. Sessions range from one hour to a half a day.

Every August I offer Elemental Healing at the Unicorn Natural Voice Camp, a must for any keen singer who loves a family camp with no electricity, cooking around camp fires and a beautiful community feel.

Tarisha introduces Elemental Healing, the essence of all that she has learned in her healing journey with breast cancer.

This was in every way, the perfect weekend. What I loved most was the way in which Tarisha seamlessly and effortlessly wove a beautiful tapestry of song, dance, story writing and sharing together around the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. There was never a moment when I knew what would happen next and never a moment that was not heart-felt, soulful, joyous and uplifting. (Indra)


31st March Live Trance Dance with Rishi Vlote in Malvern, Elmslie House

1st April Live Trance Dance with Rishi Vlote in Bristol, Wilder Studio.

8th April Live Trance Dance with Rishi Vlote in London


I am excited to be returning to India for the first time in 13 years to teach and play at this SHAKTI fest at Zorba the Buddha in New Delhi. Following the SHAKTI fest,

I am offering a session of ELEMENTAL HEALING and playing for some meditations at the Osho International Festival at the same place.

Touring with Milarepa and the One Sky Band again this Autumn.

Osho Festival

September 6 - 8

Seven Oaks Retreat Center

Osho Festival Mexico

September 13 - 16

Centro Osho Gyan

Osho Festival

September 20 - 22

Abode of the Message
Upstate New York

Osho Festival Atlanta

September 27 - 29

George Washington Carver Park

Osho Festival Texas

October 4 - 6

Hidden Cove Park

There is Only Love

I am taking Osho Satsang on tour around the UK, sharing this wonderful meditation in people's homes and local halls. With this, I am hosting gatherings of Love, Song and Innocence, to deepen our experience of satsang and reminding us 'There is Only Love.'

Osho Satsang is a one hour meditation of music, silence, quotes from Osho and some humming. It is gentle and calming, allowing the mind to settle and the body to relax.

Events will vary in length, some with food to share between the satsang and the gathering, others, simply the meditation and a cup of tea. Each person organising the event in their home or local hall shapes the evening or day as they feel is appropriate for their friends and local community.

From the middle of March I will be travelling to Bristol, Stroud in Gloucestershire, Malvern in Worcestershire, Cardigan in West Wales, Birmingham, Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, Nottingham, Edinburgh and Findhorn near Inverness where I have an event on the 30th March.

And in April and May, I will visit St Just in Cornwall, Totnes in Devon, Lyme Regis in Dorset, Glastonbury, Bath and Frome in Somerset, Sway in the New Forest and Southampton in Hampshire, Brighton and Forest Row in Sussex, Cambridge and a few venues in London.

I am also taking 'There is Only Love' to Brussels, Germany and a beautiful Osho meditation centre in Lithuania.

A detailed schedule of the tour dates and places will be coming soon. If you would like to organise an event yourself, please get in touch via my email

Tarisha playing flute for
                   Osho Satsang

Singing Medicine - with Tarisha