Deep into the earth - 2016

Tarisha's new CD is a weave of Shamanic chants with Divine songs of the heart.
It is deeply feminine, full of soul and honours the basic elements of life.

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Carry Me Home - 2008

Songs of the heart with soft grooves and a gentle easeful vibe. The making of this album was Tarisha’s first collaboration with Manu, her husband. He turned her songs into jewels.

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All Your Faces - 2003

This was her first album.
It has 16 original songs gathered over many years from her experience of growing into womanhood.
It is raw and passionate and pretty naked.

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"‘I've been listening to your album again today, and it creates a really nice space in the room. I'm impressed with the amount and the diversity of your material, and totally appreciate your devotion to music and women. Congratulations, Beloved. You have made a beautiful statement!" Deva Premal

Sing with me, sing with me Let’s touch the edge, caress the edge And go beyond

Tarisha is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and song writer. She has a huge repertoire of songs and chants which she uses in concerts, meditations and ceremonies. Alongside the music, Tarisha offers Elemental Healing workshops and sessions.

Tarisha is a Director of Osho Leela, a Meditation and Personal Development centre in the South West of England. She has lived and worked there for almost 20 years.

In August 2016, Tarisha brought out a new CD, 'Deep into the Earth'. The title track has been shared and sung all around the world. You can hear it on this site and it is available to download through Itunes and Amazon.

"Warm voice, subtle delicate songs from the heart… beautiful as you are. What a gift we are blessed with, to sing from our hearts. Thank you for your gift.’ Your sister, Lucinda" { Bliss }