What a gift we are blessed with, to sing from our hearts

Deep into the Earth - 2016

Tarisha's new CD is a weave of Shamanic chants with Divine songs of the heart. It features guitar, keyboard, flute and voice with friends adding their magic along the way: Praful - Bansuri Sika - Didge, Surahbhi - harmony, Rishi Vlote- percussion and Manu her Beloved, adding the final grooves. It is deeply feminine, full of soul and honours the basic elements of life.


All Your Faces - 2003

This was my first album which I produced myself. It has 16 original songs gathered over many years from my experience of growing into womanhood. It is raw and passionate and pretty naked really with simple instrumentation and lots of my voice! A friend had brought his studio over from Germany in '97 to make the Leela Groove in the early days of Osho Leela.


Carry Me Home - 2008

When I met Manu, now my husband, he offered to make me a couple of tracks that would blow me away. Being a professional producer, he had lots to say about my first CD and wanted to see me fly. We began recording Carry Me Home while I was pregnant with Joshua and finished it when he was. Somehow Manu was bringing me to the next level and I guess I hit on a whole load of resistance.


Sing with me, sing with me Let’s touch the edge, caress the edge And go beyond

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"Warm voice, subtle delicate songs from the heart…..as beautiful as you are. What a gift we are blessed with, to sing from our hearts. Thank you for your gift.’ Your sister, Lucinda" { Bliss }